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Kayaking is a fantastic pastime with loads to offer. It's a great way to keep fit and explore the outdoors from a different perspective. All our courses are run by British Canoeing qualified instructors. Our kayak fleet was purchased with help from Spot England

Minimum age 8, Minimum height 1.3m unless otherwise stated.

We offer gift vouchers for all courses for that perfect present. 


Kayak Start - 90 min

  • No previous experience necessary


The first step on your kayaking journey, you will cover basic safety, what to wear, how to get in and try some paddling. 

1.5h session with basic introduction to the equipment, safety briefing with around 1 hour on the water. British Canoeing Description.


Paddle Safer - 2.5h

  • Recommended experience: Kayak Start or having been out paddling a few times.

  • Suitable for anyone relatively new to paddling wanting to know how to be safe on the water

  • Age 12+


This British Canoeing course is designed to help you develop a better understanding of how to be safe when taking to the water.  This is a safety course rather than a personal skills course, although you will have paddling time on the water.

This course is in a small group and will be tailored to the questions and needs of the participants. Bring along your own equipment and any questions you have to discuss with your instructor.

You will look at:

  • Equipment - Boat & paddle, what to wear and what to carry with you

  • Environment - Where is it safe to paddle, effects of weather

  • Trip Planning - Things to consider & resources available

  • Rescues - Looking after yourself, others and calling for help on the water

Participants completing this course will receive an electronic certificate from British Canoeing as well as an Open Paddling card giving them access to Open Paddling Sessions

2.5h course with around 80 minutes on the water  British Canoeing Description.

MCP Instructors retain the right to refuse use of unsuitable equipment. A replacement will be provided if required.


Open Paddling -1h

  • Paddle Safer/Discover required


These sessions are open to all craft with appropriate awards. 

You may bring your own equipment (please Clean, Check and Dry between watercourses) or hire from Milton Country Park (£5 for adults, free for U18s)

Buoyancy aids and shoes are mandatory. Self-inflating belts are not sufficient.

1h sessions, these are not coached but an instructor will be present to ensure safety.


Kayak Discover - 2 x 1h

  • Paddle Safer required


The next step on your paddling journey. Kayak Discover helps you discover the fundamentals of paddling in a safe environment.

Choose two sessions from those available and our instructors will work to your needs, helping you to get the most out of each session. Demonstrating a suitable level of skill at the end of your second session will qualify you for the Discover award 

2 x 1h sessions, 50 min+ on the water. Attendance does not guarantee passing the award. Certificates are emailed out directly from British Canoeing. British Canoeing Description.

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