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Get Fishing

We run fishing courses throughout the year at Milton Country Park taking you through the three awards, in collaboration with Everybody Can Fish.


The Angling Trust have developed the Get Fishing Awards to help participants take their first steps on their angling journey - from a newcomers unforgettable excitement at catching that first fish, through to becoming a more experienced angler who can set up tackle, safely return their own fish and has the correct Environment Agency fishing license (not required for these sessions).

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Have a Go (Bronze)

  • No previous experience necessary


This award recognises that the participant:

  • Has attended a fishing event

  • Has seen someone cast

  • Has helped to catch and net a fish

  • Can name the fish that they have seen

  • Can name the bait, fly or lure they have used

  • Knows how to keep safe near water

1h session suitable for 5+ to adults

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Angler (Silver)

  • Participants must have Bronze award


This is awarded at the second event when participants have had the chance to fish again and start to show more confidence when fishing independently.

This award recognises that the participant can:

  • Assemble appropriate angling equipment

  • Understand the basic principals of keeping safe by the water

  • Recognise bites, takes and strikes

  • Play and land a fish

  • Unhook a fish safely

  • Hold, handle and return fish

  • Know what fishing license they are required to have

1h session suitable for 5+ to adults

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Angler (Gold)

  • Participants must have the Silver award


The final award encourages anglers to fish more independently to ensure they would be comfortable using basic equipment on their own.

The angler understands how to:

  • Select the correct line and how to attach a terminal tackle

  • Tie an appropriate knot suitable to reconnect line after breakage or to attach a ready tied hooklink for example

  • Effectively use simple angling equipment

  • Have some knowledge about bait, flies or lures

  • Use a disgorger or forceps and promote fish welfare

  • Find venues and places to further their angling

  • Purchase an appropriate fishing license (age 13+)

1h session suitable for 5+ to adults

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Pond Dipping Sessions

  • Suitable from age 3+ with a responsible adult present at all times 


An introduction to the pond life present 

Pond dipping for underwater bugs, crustaceans and aquatic critters. See what fish eat and how some of the bugs and larval insects are fearsome predators!

How do they propel themselves along?

How do they breathe under water?

Can you identify what you have caught?

You will be briefed on how to pond dip and what we are looking for. In small groups you will dip the net to catch some pond life and put it in the trays to be able to try to identify what you have caught from our identification sheets.

45mins session suitable for 3+ to adults. Parents or carers do not need to pay just the child /pond dipper

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