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BBQs and Fires

Here at Milton Country Park we allow BBQs in specified spaces and open fires in our fire pit areas, which can be hired for a small fee.

For large parties (over 30 people) we ask that you either make a small donation to the park for use of the facilities, or you can hire one of our fire pit spaces. Venue information can be found here.


We welcome visitors who wish to use BBQs in a safe and sensible manner. Restrictions on BBQ usage may be applied during extended dry periods. Notices will be placed in the park, on the website and on social media if this is the case.

Please note the following rules:

  • BBQs must be sited in open spaces such as the sunclock and remembrance meadow. They are strictly prohibited in wooded areas and near the children's playground

  • All BBQs must be contained and monitored at all times to ensure safety

  • Disposable BBQs are NOT permitted under any circumstances

  • All BBQs must be at least 1ft off the ground on legs

  • Visitors must bring sufficient water with them to extinguish the fire in an emergency or to treat burns

  • The BBQ and all contents, including coals must be removed from the park and disposed of correctly 

  • Coals must not be buried or put into the parks bins 


Open fires and campfires are only permitted in our designated fire pits in the Wild Place, Dell and Copse. These areas must be booked in advance and can get very busy during peak times. Firewood can be provided for an additional fee and the following rules apply:


  • Keep your fire to a manageable size, within (and without damaging) the log surround of the fire pit and flames no more than knee height

  • Always ensure there is a bucket of water, fire blanket and burns kit nearby

  • Only use the logs provided or those brought with you

  • Logs and branches within the Wild Place, Dell and Copse are habitat and should not be foraged for fire

  • Please extinguish your fire fully before leaving the site (unless requested by a staff member)

  • Please do not leave children unsupervised or allow them to run near the fire

  • It is important to discuss fire safety and the above expectations with all members of your group before using the fire pit

Camp Fire

Fire Marshall


A Fire Marshall can be provided for an additional fee, please contact to arrange for one.

A Fire Marshall will light and ensure a fire is safely managed during your session. The fee includes the cost of all logs for burning. Please note the following:

  • A Marshall can be provided for a maximum of 2h

  • Fires will only be lit for the time they are to be used and not before the start of your booking

  • A fire will take 10-15 min to be ready for any form of cooking

  • The fire will be allowed to burn down 30 min before the end of the session to ensure it is safely extinguished by the end of your booking

  • The Marshall may extinguish the fire at any time if they deem it to be unsafe to continue

  • If you wish to toast marshmallows over the fire, please listen to the Marshall's instructions around how to do this safely 

  • Toasting sticks can be provided, marshmallows are not

  • A maximum of 4 persons may toast marshmallows at once and it takes around 3 minutes per group of 4 people

  • Any other cooking done on the fire is done by you at your own risk

  • We recommend pre-cooking anything you bring to save time and ensure food safety

  • Cooking on a fire takes longer than at home so please allow sufficient time for anything you have planned

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