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Summer Swimming

Milton Country Park offers swimming all year around.  Our main summer swimming programme starts on 1st Aptil with our summer timetable detailed below. As the water transitions from water cooler than 12°C to reliably above this temperature then we are able to move to our longer course of 400m around the lake. Due to the additional risks of water cooler than 12°C we will remain with the shorter course and advise you to attend a cold water induction and visit the Winter Swimming page to find out how to stay safe in the cooler temperatures. Please ensure you are familiar with the information below before you book your session.

Please not swimming is not permitted in the lakes outside of organised sessions. Open water swimming sessions are for adults only however children may attend by arrangement and please contact us to discuss bringing any junior swimmers. 


How to Book


While the water is still cooler please read the guidance below and watch our Winter Swim Induction Video 

In person inductions, with a guided swim are run for free several times a year.

Next Induction: 30th March

Public swim sessions are operated through NOWCA. For the best prices, please book through the ACTiO app or at

If you wish to swim as a non-NOWCA guest, please use the button below to book at a premium rate. 

Safety Guidance


Please download and read our Winter Swim FSheet

Winter swimming is a different sport and hypothermia is a real risk, even if you are experienced please read the following safety guidance:

  • Inductions: An induction is required prior to your first swim - this can be in person with our swim coach Val or via a recording of this. These inductions can be booked online. 

  • Clothing: Leave your belongings within easy to reach for when you get out. You will need to get warm quickly and may not be able to feel your fingers so putting tights on is not going to happen. Bring a woolly hat to put on first and quick and easy but warm clothes to pull on fast, including thick socks and gloves. (

  • Food and drink: Hyperthermia is more common when people are dehydrated/ hungry or exhausted.Make sure you’ve eaten before coming. Do not swim on an empty stomach and bring something to eat and a flask of warm (not hot) drink for afterwards. The café will be open to purchase food and drinks.

  • Fit to Swim: If you are under the weather at all: a headache, a sniffle, a bad nights sleep, a hangover, a heavy week of training then please do not come.

  • Course: The swim course will be different - you will be swimming laps across the lake from the beach/pontoon to the fishing swims opposite. Most of this length is shallow and you will be able to stand up but also allows for exit points at either side so you can get out easily if you decide you have started on one too many laps. If you do exit on the other side please remember to tell the safety team and return to sign out at registration.

  • Stay Within Your Limits: How do you feel? If you start to feel disorientated or chilly in the water you have been in too long. You need to ease yourself slowly in and you need to be getting out before you start to feel cold. Do not push yourself. If you aren’t sure whether to do another lap don’t do it. Only do what you know you can confidently do. Now is not the time to be trying something new and pushing your limits/boundaries.

  • Afterwards: Once you get out, get warm, get dry, get layers on and have some warm and sugary food and drink. Do not leave straight away. Give yourself time to see how you feel before you drive. If you know others at the session ask someone if they feel you are ready to drive. Hypothermia can hit you without you realising. Check for slurred speech, clumsiness, shivering, drowsiness and confusion in yourself and your fellow swimmers. If you are concerned alert one of the bank safety team or the duty staff office (door to the right of the café). They can help you assess the situation. Remember to sign out before you leave and hand washing will be available on the front desk as you leave - we would strongly recommend you wash your hands.

  • Remember: Now is not the time to be brave or to try something new. Only swim if you are experienced with open water and cold water. The bank and water safety team are there to help you - if you have any questions or concerns do speak to them.

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