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Cyclocross at Milton Country Park!


CJCC in conjunction with C6 bikes will be hosting the final round of the eastern cyclocross series at Milton Country Park on the 28th January 2018. 
This will be an excellent opportunity for the children to get involved in a full cycle race which is very friendly and has a really family vibe about it, with spectators encouraging all the children to do their best. In addition there are adult races which are great fun to watch as the speed and technique used is inspiring for the children, it's not uncommon to find a team GB rider at an event and this was true for the race at Grafham.

Cyclocross started as a way for road riders to keep up their fitness in the winter months. Unlike a road race the riders expect to be faced with hills or hurdles which they need to overcome, however not for the younger childrens races. The bikes used look like adapted road bikes as they have curved bars and thinner tyres than a mountain bike, however for the childrens races any bike with knobbly tyres will be fine. 
The course will be round an area of Milton Country Park, with a shortened course for the U8, U10 and U12 categories. We intend to get the children used to riding the course we will use over the next few weeks such that they feel confident about what to expect.

The race is based on a number of laps determined once the race has started. This works well as once the winner has crossed the finish line all riders finish, so there isn't a chance of someone staying out on the course too long.

For CJCC riders there are boys and girls categories for the following ages:

  • Under 8 - 10 mins
  • Under 10 - 10mins
  • Under 12 - 15 mins
  • Youth (U14) - 40 mins
  • Youth (U16) - 40 mins
  • Junior (U18) - 60 mins

Entry Information

  • 10:00: Under 8 &Under 10 £2.00 / £5.00 on the day
  • 10:15: Under 12 £2.00 / £5.00 on the day
  • 11:00: Youth £8.00 / £10.00 on the day
  • 12:00: Women/Vet 50+ £17.00 / £20.00 on the day
  • 12:00: Junior Women £12.00 / £15.00 on the day
  • 13:30: Vet 40-49 £13.00 £17.00 / £20.00 on the day
  • 14:30: Junior & Senior £17.00 / £20.00 on the day

It will be possible to sign-up in advance through British Cycling or on the day.
Entries will be opening soon via the British Cycling website 

There are also adult races in 40-49, 50+, Women's & Senior categories. Usually it's necessary to sign-up in advance for these races as they almost always sell out. For adult races you need a BC race licence, but it is possible to buy a licence on the day.


This event will be much larger than any event that we have staged in the past and we are expecting in the region of 300-400 riders and this is where we need your help with various marshaling jobs throughout the day. Jobs include manning crossing points and tricky sections of the course (no problem with marshals giving young riders a helping hand if they need it), sign-on and lap counting.  If you can help please contact: