SUP Club moving to Saturdays


SUP Club is moving to Saturday morning for the rest of September!  This means there will be NO SUP Club this Thursday!

Our club sessions are open to anyone with a Ready to Ride or Born to Ride passport to give you a chance to paddle independently and enjoy the lake in an open session.  

From this Saturday and for the rest of September these sessions will run from 9-10am on a Saturday morning.  It is important you arrive early as the container will be locked at 9am.

We are still running courses through September with two more Ready 2 Ride courses this season.  From October only Ready to Ride SUPers will be allowed to paddle.  We will continue to monitor the water temperature and aim to continue sessions until it dips too low.  

There will be also monthly Cam paddles for those with your own board  - follow the SUP Club Facebook page for more info.