Playground Appeal!

Playground Appeal!

The playgrounds at Milton Country Park have been much loved and well-used for many years.  Our equipment was installed in 1999 and is now at the end of its useable life.  The park has a thriving community and outdoor play is a key element to what makes the park such a great resource.

It's vital that we have a playground which better reflects our beautiful park setting and provides a stimulating, exciting place for children to enjoy playing, learning and physical activity.

New playgrounds are expensive and go far beyond the maintenance budget of the park.  Milton Country Park is managed by registered charity, Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust and receives no external funding.  The park costs hundreds of pounds every day to remain open and large scale improvements such as this are only possible through fundraising.

How You Can Help


We have identified several local funding opportunities but there is no guarantee of success and even if successful they will still not fully cover costs.  We are therefore asking for your help.  If you enjoying visiting Milton Country Park, if your children love playing in the park, and if you would like them to enjoy more exciting, challenging play, then please help by giving a donation!

Please donate - we need your support to make this happen!  
Together we hope to create something really special that families can enjoy for years to come!


We welcome support from local business and fundraisers.  If you have an idea for raising money we'd love to work with you!  If you are a local business keen to support community projects then please do get in touch

Sign our Petition!

Fundraising isn't just about raising money, it's about gathering and evidencing local support.  If you would like to see our project go ahead then please add your name and any comments to the petition on our web page.


Thank you to everyone who has already supported our playground!  We are very grateful for all donations however big or small!

New Playground design

Our playground design was created following several consultations with visitors and local school children so that we could be sure we were creating something people really wanted, as well as suiting the needs of the park.  

The new play design incorporates priorities highlighted in our research including...

  • A natural design in keeping with the park setting
  • A place where all ages can play together
  • A zip-wire!
  • Climbing
  • More swings
  • Encourages independent play
  • Something for all abilities

The children were so keen on having a zipwire we've added a double zipwire to the design so that they can play with their friends!  
The design has been broken down into three phases.  How much we can do is entirely dependent on how much we can raise.  This design can be added to with more play equipment, landscaping and planting, seating.  As our funds grow so can our ideas!!