Ed Williams Swims the North Channel This Week!

Ed Williams is an open water swim coach for the Elite Swimming Academy based at Milton Country Park.  He's also a marathon swimmer taking on an amazing personal challenge this week!

In just a few days time he will be swimming the North Channel from Ireland to Scotland, a distance of 35km.  This particular route is considered to be one of toughest open water swims in the world due to the cold temperatures, unpredictable sea conditions and the abundance of toxic lions mane jellyfish.

Two years ago Ed took on this challenge and was just two miles from the finish when he had to abandon his swim after becoming critically ill from hundreds of jellyfish stings.

This week he returns to take on this challenge once more and is raising money for Wateraid and Great Ormond Street Hospital in the process.  You can keep up with Ed's progress by following a live link which will be posted on his Facebook page.  

We hope you will join us in wishing Ed a safe, speedy and successful swim.  His skill and dedication is an inspiration to us all - good luck Ed from everyone at Milton Country Park!