sunclock and compass

The Sunclock and Compass represent Time and Place and were added to the Park in 1999 to commemorate the millennium and "celebrate mankind's link to nature and the environment".

Sun clock base stone
The Central Stone

To use the clock you stand on the current month marker on the central stone then look where your shadow falls on the outer hour stones.

Sun clock at 2:30pm GMT
On the clock at 2:30pm GMT in November

The clock is set for BST so in the winter you have to subtract an hour, as our photo illustrates with the photographer's shadow falling between the "III" and next stone, which marks "IV" but is unmarked.

The compass comes in two parts. There's a compass marked at the top of the central stone. Eight trees around the clock are also planted at the four points of the compass and their mid-points. There's more on this on a plaque by the clock.